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About Us
About Us

                                       Anne & Jasper                                                                                         Jasper & Monty



(Jaspersparkle) Anne Arkle

I was born and raised on the Isle Anglesey and began making silver spoon rings as a hobby in 2009 after being inspired by the history of the silver spoon ring which dates back to 17th Century Britain.

In August 2011  Jaspersparkle was launched as a business at the Anglesey Show.  Ray my fiance is a big part of the company, I make all the spoon rings and Ray "does everything else" so he says lol.

The name of our company is a combination of our cat’s name Jasper who sadly passed away in 2006, and "Sparkle" as Arkle Sparkle was my nickname at school! so our little Jasper lives on in our new company logo. Our logo was created by a young media student, she asked if she could design a logo as part of her portfolio, and after reading our company bio she produced our Jaspersparkle cat design, I burst into tears as soon as I saw it, it was just perfect.

I am self taught, and class myself as a Spoonsmith! not a silversmith, my tools are very basic and probably similar to the tools used back in the 17th century. Each ring is hand crafted using nylon and rawhide hammers, steel mandrels and tree trunk base wood to work on which is kinder to the silver. I have developed my own unique technique for making spoon rings and I can also re-size any ring straight away at a show for the customer within a few minutes.

Jaspersparkle silver spoon rings each have their original historic hallmark visible, we are very  proud to be able to give the silver spoons a new lease of life, honouring  tradition and giving the customer a unique handmade piece.

We pride ourselves in offering the absolute best customer service possible, we appreciate each and every customer, as without which we would not exist and for that we are truly grateful.

Anne & Ray x