Jaspersparkle - Silver Spoon Rings




Any piece purchased will be thoroughly sanitised with Dettol anti-bacterial spray, including the box and inner package paperwork.

You can also select a different "delivery address" on the order form should you wish the item to be sent on to someone as a gift, or if they or you yourself are social distancing, we'll even include a pretty card with a message of your choice.

Stay safe and positive, all our love Anne & Ray xx


The Spoon Ring, a tradition dating back to 17th century Britain, the silver spoon ring was created by the poorer people eg. servants who had access to steal a silver spoon from the Manor house and have it fashioned into a ring for their wedding, as they could not afford to buy precious metalled rings.

All our products are handcrafted from vintage or antique hallmarked solid silver spoons, dates range from the 1700's through to the 1960's. Each piece is handcrafted at our Isle of Anglesey, North Wales workshop by Anne Arkle.



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